Debut album: SHELLS

Despite imposed physical distance a group of three friends came together during lockdown to finalise a vision for their debut album, Shells, in doing so forging the new group and moniker; IOE AIE. The name is acronymic and stands for “Its Only Ever Autumn In England”, a key lyric taken from the album and evocative of its darkly immersive musical palette. The album is described by IOE AIE simply as ‘Journey-music’; 

“This isn’t only dance music, you dance on the spot, this album is about propulsion, movement, rear-view mirrors, headlights at night, leaving cities behind, distance & escape, this is journey-music.” 

Shells is written, produced and mixed entirely by IOE AIE. A twisted blend of techno, poetics & modular synthesis it draws on the members' undying love of 90’s dance visions alongside modern ambience, film score and the bold lyrical approach of artists such as Arab Strap, Superqueens and Aesop Rock.