Optimistic Visions of the Future  was the first release under the DAGGA DOMES moniker. The four track EP, released through cult french label Embrace, finds the collective's sound expanding into bruising dance beats and intricate electronic production.

"It’d been however long, no idea. In a hazed out room and that feeling of your ears being full, totally full. My eyes all at once felt tired and wide fixed too long on a loaded 909. I didn’t know what to do with this track, all beats and bruised bass lines, no topline. So I stood up and started shuffling round the room, swaying half in time, feeling the track in my shoulders. Then I sang - mumbled and stumbled over a melody, heard a chord sequence that wasn’t even there but latched on. I held a note, lost it and found it again but better this time as though my vocal chords just needed to reach out then pull back quick; the way you check for heat, before taking hold for real. Found a lyric and then another.

They were lines that actually described. I shook my friend awake, baked and sang out my ideas to him… We started to record and by morning had agreed to start a band, call it DAGGA DOMES and write a break up record called Optimistic Visions Of The Future."