Aphrodisiaque from PADDOX was the first creative output of the collective, appearing in the form of a concrete clad 3KG vinyl release, strictly limited to 100 copies.

PADDOX created their own brand of melodically rich, multi-layered pulsating ambience. At times delving into the world of sound-art with the band’s live shows boasting the promise of underwater singing and live plate-reverb manipulation, seamlessly blended into a pshychedelic and sensual ambience.

The band perceived Aphrodisiaque to be a genre in its own right. This genre contains any piece of music sympathetic to an ambient vision of the act of love. The album’s six tracks listed as Aphrodisiaque #001 through to #006, attempt to pay hommage to this vision.

The video for the album’s opening track Aphrodisique#001 (see below) spawned the band’s collaboration with film artist JD Haigh.
The band also joined forces with designer Francesco Miniati, now a key member of the collective, to create the vinyl’s concrete packaging.